Minimalism vs. Maximalism in Packaging Design

Minimalism and maximalism are two popular designs trending in packaging. If they sound like opposites, that’s because they are. These designs cater to two different aesthetics — both beautiful and unique in their own right. ...

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How To Design Logos That Make Packaging Pop

Branded packaging makes a huge difference because it can promote brand awareness and build customer relationships. When creating your brand, remember that adding your company’s logo to your custom packaging is an extra detail guaranteed...

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Packaging for Jewelry: Best Practices & Tips

Giving and receiving jewelry is a unique experience. The entire process takes time, thoughtfulness, and care. A considerable part of the experience is the jewelry packaging design because it is the first thing the recipient...

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Promotional Gift Boxes: 11 Things To Consider

Promotional gift boxes are a valuable, on-trend marketing tool for your business. These corporate gift boxes generally include fun, branded items from pens to tumblers to apparel. Of course, custom gift boxes or gift baskets...

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