Kraft custom boxes are among the go-to options for shipping. However, they can also pose certain limitations, such as when you want crisp white colors in your design. While conventional kraft printing may not be suitable for your design, there are plenty of ways that you can still achieve a beautiful kraft style.

The Unique Charm of Kraft Custom Boxes

Kraft paper is one of many options for your custom boxes. It’s a favorite among many shippers due to its simple, clean, and rustic appearance. It conveys a sense of artisanal quality and is often associated with handmade and custom products, which could be just the vibe you want for your business.

It’s also celebrated for its sustainability and is seen as closer to nature by many. However, some of those qualities also pose challenges. Printing on kraft custom boxes can be challenging. Sticking with conventional solutions, you’ll be limited in the range of colors you can choose, especially when it comes to light colors and whites.

Creative Ways to Achieve Beautiful Kraft Designs

Luckily, there’s a straightforward way to get around these challenges while still enjoying the appearance of kraft packaging. We recommend using a kraft texture as the background for your design using white paper. This is a highly effective method to achieve a realistic kraft look while enjoying the full range of colors and shades.

Implementing the proper texture and gradient in the design ensures that your printed kraft boxes look genuine. It’s not just a flat tan color but, instead, a pattern carefully designed for the best look possible. You can maximize the impact of any design while still achieving kraft’s rustic charm.

To achieve faux kraft box with white and light elements:

  1. Choose Essential or Magic White as your box paper type.
  2. Select a high-resolution (300 DPI minimum) "kraft" image.
  3. Add the file to your box design via Box Genie's online design tool or in a program such as Adobe Illustrator.  
  4. Expand the image/layer to fill the box as your background.

From there, complete your design! The most important step is selecting a white (Essential or Magic) paper type in the designer and at checkout. 

Pro tip: For the best result, our team recommends selecting Essential White. Magic White provides brighter whites but has a sheen finish. This will detract from the natural look and feel of kraft. 

Why Print Quality Matters for Your Custom Boxes

Of course, having the entire surface of your shipping boxes printed means that print quality is more important than ever. High-definition printing technology is necessary to ensure that the kraft texture and color appear genuine. True-to-vision colors and sharp printing really sell the look.

That print quality also benefits the design of your kraft custom boxes. You can ensure that text and graphics are incredibly crisp and clear, even the most minute details. Colors stand out much better on white paper, while many traditional kraft designs are restricted to black ink and limited colors.

Sustainable Shipping Solutions

Many people choose kraft packaging for its sustainability benefits, so you might be concerned about the impact of printed faux kraft. However, this method can still be highly sustainable, allowing you to stand by your company’s commitment.

White paper can still be sustainably produced. At Box Genie, we carefully source all inks, papers, and other materials to ensure sustainability. Our printing process has been developed to eliminate hazardous air pollutants related to traditional methods.

Finding the Perfect Custom Design for Your Boxes

Box Genie provides a full range of box design options, including many types of white and kraft paper. Our versatile custom design options make it possible to realize your design, whether by taking advantage of the techniques we’ve mentioned here or anything else you can imagine. Start designing your kraft custom boxes today.

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“They can’t be beat for price, speed, and quality. We trust them with all our packaging needs!”

Megan D., CEO at SSBD

“They can’t be beat for price, speed, and quality. We trust them with all our packaging needs!”

Megan D., CEO at SSBD

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