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Grow Something Magical: Candy Cane Gardening Kit

Looking for a way to bring magic back to the holidays for other families, Maribeth Livingston decided to share her family tradition with others.

“It all began with a simple idea which became family tradition. Each year in early December, my sister-in-law’s mother would bring her young grandchildren outside to plant candy cane “seeds” in the snow. Two weeks later when the children returned for their annual Christmas gathering, they would harvest the fully “grown” candy canes from the garden where they’d planted the seeds. Of course, the seeds required a little bit of magic and “help” from grandma and grandpa, but oh, what joy!”

The Standard Gardening Kit Includes:

  •  1 packet of heirloom candy cane "seeds" (contains 6 "seeds")
  •  1 Wooden dibbler (tool for planting seeds in the snow/soil)
  •  1 Packet candy cane "fertilizer" (sprinkles)
  •  Custom printed box, perfect for gifting!

The Challenge

Maribeth needed a small, custom printed box to package the Candy Cane Gardening Kits – a fun activity grown-ups can do with kids during the holiday season.

She wanted a professional, high-quality finish to the final package design making them retail-ready for local gift shops, garden centers, and family Christmas tree farms to resell. Under a time crunch to get the kits into stores before Thanksgiving, she sought a company that could offer quick turn-around time at a reasonable price.

"The tradition of growing a candy cane garden is all about the experience. It's about making memories, embracing the holiday season, and being creative with the activity. Part of that experience is gathering the ingredients and tools needed to plant candy cane seeds. That's why the Candy Cane Gardening Kit package design is so important.”

The Solution

Not only did Box Genie deliver on its promise to get the boxes to her quickly, but the design tool made it easy for them to see her vision for what the final package design would look like.

“The customer service team was outstanding!”

“ The box features imagery that illustrates the 'magic' and creative nature of the activity in a size that conforms to retailer recommendations for space and visibility. Being able to visualize everything about the box, from the customer's perspective opening and closing it to ensuring the product contents would fit perfectly was essential, and we were able to do that easily through Box Genie's convenient online design tool. ”

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The Candy Cane Gardening Kit is available at four retail locations in New York state, as well as online at Etsy.

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