Branded packaging makes a huge difference because it can promote brand awareness and build customer relationships. When creating your brand, remember that adding your company’s logo to your custom packaging is an extra detail guaranteed to make your packaging pop. 

Logo design is central to brand design. You’ll put custom logos on everything from business cards to retail packaging boxes. As a result, you’ll want to be careful about using cheap logo makers or logo templates and invest in high-quality graphic design — even for a minimalist logo.

Want to learn more about all things logos? Keep reading, and we’ll get into all the details.

What Are the Main Types of Logos?


Wordmarks are logos that include the company’s name with a unique, custom typeface. Because these logos have actual words, they should be legible so your customer can read the font and associate it with your business.


Logos with symbols are often referred to as brand marks or pictorial marks. No matter what you call them, they should reflect your brand’s identity by symbolizing something relevant to your business. 

Symbol logos consist of: 

  • Graphic icons
  • Images
  • Outlines
  • Real-world objects

When choosing a symbol design, you can go on the nose or a bit more metaphorical. 

For example, Apple uses an apple as its symbol, but the company does not sell apples despite their literal take. On the other hand, Burger King wedges its brand name between two buns, positioning its business, literally, in the center of the burger space. For a metaphorical logo, take Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree’s logo, at first, looks like a basic tree, but upon further inspection, the truck is a “1.” The number one metaphorically represents the cost of the items in the store — one dollar.

Combination Logos

Combination logos integrate images with words. This means a logo could be a wordmark over a symbol and vice versa. These logos are a great option because they provide extra recognition for your brand and opportunities down the line, as your audience will see two image representations instead of just one. 

How Do You Make a Logo That Fits Your Brand?

Identify Your Brand’s “Feel”

Your brand’s “feel” is another way of saying your aesthetic, which is the outer appearance of your brand — how it presents itself to your audience through its mission and voice. Your logo branding contributes to your brand's mood, style, and tone, so be sure it’s a style that adds to the overall message you want your brand to communicate to your audience.

Include Unique Elements That Set Your Brand Apart

What makes your brand unique? What is essential to your brand? How can you incorporate that into your logo? 

For example, consider incorporating a flower into your symbol or wordmark logo if you own a flower shop. Relate your logo to your company as much as you can to promote individuality.

Create Different Versions of Your Logo for Different Uses

While your logo should be recognizable and consistent, there are some exceptions. Creating different versions of your logo will come in handy regarding holidays, special events, various social channels, and other packaging needs. 

For instance, the perfect packaging logo design may differ from your web design. While shopping bags and social media presence should be consistent, they don’t have to be identical

If you want to highlight your brand’s eco-consciousness, you might consider incorporating recycling symbols in your physical packaging. However, if your business branding isn’t tied to being eco-friendly, the logo on your main eCommerce site doesn’t need to feature the same packaging symbols — they can be supplemental, but they don’t have to be essential.

Incorporating holiday colors or something specific to an event is a great way to interact with your audience and show them your business is dynamic. 

How Do You Print Your Logo on Packaging?

Choose the Right Logo Placement

You want your logo to be visible. Make sure you think about that when creating your custom packaging design

Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • How many times do you want your customer to see your logo?
  • Will your customer be able to see the logo easily in that spot?

Put your logo in front of the customer by including it in places like:

Choose the Right Dimensions for Your Logo

Choosing the correct dimensions for your logo is essential so that it does not appear pixelated or cropped in your packaging. Dimensions for your logo will vary based on how you use it for your packaging. However, consider the best file size and format for the best results. 

Experiment With Multiple Versions of Your Logo

Earlier, we mentioned making different versions of your logo, and now it’s time to experiment.

You never know what the backdrop or packaging for your logo will be, so make sure to have some alternative options for colors, backgrounds, and borders to ensure the logo pops in every situation.

Use Colors To Make Your Logo Pop 

You’ll need to use colors to your advantage to make your logo pop. If you choose logo colors that contrast poorly with the packaging background, it will be more challenging to see and draw less attention to your logo. 

Start with packaging colors that fit the feel of your brand. Then, choose a color that gels well with the packaging color but contrasts enough that your logo will pop. 

When you are choosing your colors, be sure to keep your brand’s aesthetic in mind.

Logos Are Key for Great Packaging

When your customers receive a package, they should be able to identify that it came from your business quickly. Logos are a must-have for branded packaging because it is a great marketing plan to impress your customer. 

The best thing about logos is that they can go on any type of packaging. They are versatile images, so when you are ready to create custom packages for your business, Box Genie is here to help you decide. 

The Bottom Line

Logos are the perfect way to build your brand because they help customers recognize your business. Branded packaging is a tool for going above and beyond to make your customer feel special. 

Logos look awesome on custom packaging, so use that knowledge to your advantage and incorporate your logo into your packaging process.


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