There’s no doubt that your company has put a lot of thought into your product. From design to production, you’ve made sure that everything you sell will look good, work well, and keep your customers happy.

But the buyer’s experience doesn’t end when you make a sale. There’s another huge chance for your brand to show off its style- with some sharp custom packaging.

This article will detail several huge ways that unique branded boxes and mailers can benefit your business.

Consumers Enjoy the Unboxing Experience

First, a phenomenon you’re surely familiar with — the unboxing boom. Potential ecommerce buyers have always been able to ask around or read reviews before they make a purchase, but with the dawn and dominance of YouTube unboxing videos, they can vicariously experience receiving the product in real-time.

Like the name of the genre would suggest, not all of the focus will be on the pricing and product. Instead, the packaging solutions and all the care put into them take center stage as the vlogger explains and reacts to their purchase.

This type of personality-based content comes off more natural and trustworthy to viewers than an ad produced by a manufacturer itself.

Why Unboxing Videos Work

Hosted on YouTube, these videos enjoy the benefits of an algorithm designed for virality and are never more than a few clicks away from your site.

While many of these countless millions of viewers are simply looking to live through their favorite creators, a huge contingent are engaging in digital window shopping. Especially post-pandemic, buyers are often unable to get a purchase in their hands to size up and evaluate before they pull the trigger.

Instead, shoppers around the world conduct their own research online, often relying on these videos to glean details about what they might receive. A striking enough package can even make an impression on those watching with no intention of buying themselves.

An instantly identifiable branded package gives your company so many opportunities to come off well during the unboxing process- why leave them on the table?

When you’re confident that your custom packaging will impress creators and their audiences, you can even sponsor videos and build partnerships that will put your brand in front of thousands (or millions) of new eyes.

Branded Packaging Extends the Experience

Just because a customer has decided to buy your product and the transaction is complete, that doesn’t mean the shopping experience is complete. Receiving their purchase in high-quality custom printed boxes will show them that your company cares about more than parting them with their money — rather about creating a considerate, consistent experience and valuing their customers.

While the cost of packaging is part of doing business, it’s not usually a separate charge for the customer. This means that a simple, sturdy box can almost feel like a complimentary gift included with their purchase, especially when it can be opened and re-closed without any functional damage. You didn’t have to protect your product so well or so stylishly, but you did, and buyers will appreciate it.

Box Genie allows for every side of mailer boxes to be customized with high-definition prints, meaning that they can be instantly identifiable upon receipt. Excited customers will be able to hop right back into the experience of shopping with your company without having to scrutinize shipping labels or overlooking plain box styles.

Branded Packaging Makes Your Company Memorable

That brings us to our next point. We’re sorry to say it, but most packages are boring. Any mailroom is surely home to a deluge of plain white, plain brown, and maybe some manila. All it takes is a little bit of color to steal the spotlight from unbranded packaging, and with Box Genie, you get much more than a little bit.

Use Branded Packaging to Make Your Brand Identity Stand Out

The human eye is drawn to and processes color almost instantaneously and in conjunction with shape. It’s not hard to tell if a candy wrapper came from a peanut butter cup, even from seeing a tiny corner, thanks to Reese’s iconic orange.

If you associate yourself with a bold color, branded packaging can allow an excited customer to see their delivery from a block away. Touches like these are what will allow your brand recognition to grow ever stronger.

Custom Mailer Packaging Is a Continuous Product Plug

Aesthetically pleasing and strong-feeling packaging can also take on a second life. Even while fully recyclable, getting rid of a light yet sturdy container can feel strange.

If a customer needs a new box for an organizational project, they’re likely to use one that looks as good as it functions and reminds them of their great customer experience.

Certain items might even be stored in their original shipping box, especially if custom inserts make it a perfect fit. This can serve almost like the free advertising provided by unboxing videos but on a more personal, long-term level.

Make Branded Packaging a Part of Your Story

You know the story of your brand better than anyone. Why skip the opportunity to keep telling it through packaging?

When you design every aspect of your mailers through Box Genie, your values shine through. If your brand values sustainable materials and the environment, you can deal exclusively with a high-recycled-content material like Kraft and use custom sizes to cut out wasted material. The latter can also cut back on space, which benefits you as much if not more than the customer.

If you’ve cultivated a certain look, you don’t want the design of your product packaging to break the immersion or clash with your colors. If you value simplicity and function but your packaging is frustratingly hard to open, it can reflect poorly on the product or the brand itself.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and you’ll find new ways (like custom inserts or stylish text) to maintain the experience they had on your site and to precede the experience they have with your products.

What To Do Next

Box Genie’s options are designed with all of these opportunities in mind. Once you’ve selected sizes and materials, you can use every surface (inside included!) to promote what your company stands for and sustain the unique experience of shopping with you.

You can start designing mailers and boxes on our website right away or order a free sample to see combinations of our materials and inks yourself. Also, if you’d like to check out our review section first, you can see pictures of how other customer’s branded packaging turned out. Spoiler: They’re pretty cool.


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“They can’t be beat for price, speed, and quality. We trust them with all our packaging needs!”

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“They can’t be beat for price, speed, and quality. We trust them with all our packaging needs!”

Megan D., CEO at SSBD

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