Minimalism and maximalism are two popular designs trending in packaging. If they sound like opposites, that’s because they are. These designs cater to two different aesthetics — both beautiful and unique in their own right. 

You might be drawn towards one or the other (or maybe even both). But if you aren’t sure which one is for you, keep reading as Box Genie gives you the rundown on:

  • What these designs are
  • Which design style is right for your brand
  • How to incorporate the designs into your business

What Is Minimalist Packaging?

Minimalism is a design aesthetic that follows the “less is more” motto. It aims to bring about a sense of calm that can often be found in simplicity. Minimalism lives by clean lines, symmetry, and earth tones. 

If this sounds exactly like what you’re looking for in your packaging, take a look at the details below. 

Minimalist Fonts and Typefaces for Design

When it comes to minimalist fonts and typefaces, the two most important things are legibility and visual impact. This means the appearance of the letters should be easy to read and configured in prominent positions. 

Our Team’s Top 5 Minimalist Style Fonts

We see a lot of thoughtfully-made packaging decisions each day. Some of our team’s favorite use of minimalist fonts as of recent include:

  1. Gidole by Andreas Larsen
  2. Panton by Fontfabric
  3. Uni Sans by Svet Simov, Ani Petrova, and Vasil Stanev
  4. Prime by Max Pirsky
  5. Hero by Fontfabric

Minimalist Color Palette Ideas

Ready to cultivate a minimalist vibe but not sure how to put all the neutral colors together? Check out these five pristine palettes. Try using the palettes as described below as a recipe to achieve the minimalist color aesthetic you envision.

1. Cozy Gray Sophistication

  • Deep gray
  • Warm beige with gray undertones
  • Off-white with gray undertones
  • Beige pink with gray undertones
  • Stone gray

2. White Gold

  • Very light off-white
  • White with gold undertones
  • Light beige with gold undertones
  • Medium beige with gold undertones
  • Medium beige with light brown and gold undertones

3. Posh Pink

  • White with pink undertones
  • Off-white
  • Off-white with pink undertones
  • Beige with pink undertones
  • Light pink

4. Earthy Greens

  • Soft sage green
  • White
  • White with gray undertones
  • Gray with soft sage undertones
  • Soft light yellow with sage undertones

5. Beige and Sage and Blue

  • Light beige
  • Light beige with sage undertones
  • Off-white with sage undertones
  • Light blue with sage undertones
  • Charcoal blue

Brands To Follow for Minimalist Packaging Design

We can always learn something from our peers. If you’re looking for even more visuals, have a look at our favorite brands’ social media to follow for minimalist design inspiration:

What Is Maximalist Packaging?

Maximalism is big, it’s loud, and it wants to be noticed. Maximalist patterns are often bold and layered. The aesthetic is also geared towards grand silhouettes, saturated and bold colors, and playful designs. 

If a dash of chaos in your packaging design sounds intriguing, keep reading for more information on how to make it happen.

Maximalist Fonts and Typefaces for Design

Maximalist fonts and typefaces call for contrast and the unexpected. Fonts should be legible, but they should also be eye-catching and intriguing. The maximalist style looks to make a splash, so jump into this aesthetic as we walk you through funky font pairings. 

1. Quirky and Clean

In order to be striking but readable, pair a quirky font as the header with a cleaner font as the body. This falls into the maximalist aesthetic because of the contrast and unpredictability.

2. Decked Out Decades

There are several decades that claim iconic fonts. Picture the likes of the groovy 60s, disco 70s, new wave 80s, and grunge 90s. Those fonts might not seem like they go together, but that’s the beauty of maximalism. 

The next time you’re ready for a blast from the past, pair some decade-themed fonts together:

  • BD Retrocentric with Greycliff CF
  • Gin with Serenity
  • Blakely with Gibson

3. Elegance on Elegance 

If you think more than one elegant font sounds like overkill, think again! Maximalism is all about being over the top. Next time you want to design something decorative, think about putting together these any of these typefaces:

  • Allyson
  • Dalliance
  • Alfresco

Maximalist Color Palette Ideas

Now that you’ve got some font ideas to work with, let’s talk about color palettes. While it’s true that maximalist designs call for color, there is still an art to making everything work together. 

Based on the color wheel, there are two categories of color combinations: visual vibration and balanced contrast. 

Visual Vibration

Two bright colors together can create a hard-to-read effect when a font of one color is layered over the background of another. However, if done right, it can add to the maximalist design. Visual vibration will occur with colors like:

  • Red background, green font
  • Light blue background, orange font
  • Orange background, green font

Balanced Contrast

When colors are in balanced contrast, they are easier to read and their contrast actually creates harmony. This will happen with color combinations like:

  • Pink background, dark green font
  • Dark blue background, orange font
  • Light orange background, green font

Brands to Follow for Maximalist Packaging Design

For strong examples of maximalist design, check out:

Which Style Is Right for Your Brand?

Take our three-question quiz below to see which style is right for your brand! One of the designs will hold your majority vote, so you’ll have a clear vision of your aesthetic. If you pick mostly A’s, consider minimalism. If you select mostly B’s, maximalism might be right for you. 

What Are Your Brand’s Values?

  1. We are understated and reserved but believe strongly in our values and exceed the needs of our customers.
  2. We are unapologetically outspoken and stand up even when others won’t.

What Message Are You Trying To Send?

  1. We bring a sense of consistency and support to our audience and want to be someone they can count on.
  2. We are always on the cutting edge of trends. We love to surprise our audience with innovative ideas they can’t get enough of. 

Who Is Your Target Audience?

  1. We cater to Millenials and Gen X who enjoy wellness and eco-conscious products of value. 
  2. We cater to Gen Z who love being disruptors that have their voices heard.

Incorporating Minimalism vs. Maximalism Design Trends

Minimalism and maximalism are both major packaging design trends that are here to stay in 2023. The most important things to keep in mind are your brand and your audience. Whichever trend you go with should remain true to your brand and serve your audience well. 

You can make your packaging a part of your identity. Customers will love that your brand’s personality comes through in your packaging because it is another way to connect them to who you are. 

And remember: Whichever path you choose on the minimalism vs. maximalism journey, Box Genie is here for all of your custom packaging design needs. 


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