It should come as no surprise to any business or consumer these days that people are now shopping online and getting more deliveries than ever before. This puts ecommerce companies in a strong position for growth. This also means that businesses of all sizes are now challenged to find bold new ways to stand out, not only from their direct competitors but also from every other brand’s box on doorsteps far and wide. 

Having custom shipping boxes or mailers with your logo and unique branding has never been a better idea for your business. 

At Box Genie, we’re fully focused on helping you create high-quality product packaging and customized boxes that let you express the best your business has to offer. Just like our homepage says, we’re here to be your expert partner in custom box creation. 

But what does this all mean for you and your business? What makes Box Genie stand apart from the rest of the custom packaging companies that pop up in your search? 

If you’re shopping around for a new custom packaging vendor, odds are you’ve seen some of our competitors’ sites. With so many similar selling points and offerings, it may feel like they all start to blend and seem the same. 

Most of them have tools to help you design your packaging. Many of them claim to have quick turnaround times. Some others also show you prices per unit as you make changes to the design, just like the real-time packaging design tool on our site adjusts the rate as you explore design options. 

So what is it that makes Box Genie different? Simply put, we’re in this together. We value our customers as partners and our number one goal is to help you sell more of your products. 

We know you want to choose the best company to help you with your packaging needs. Now let’s talk about how we’re ready and able to prove that we’re the product packaging partner you’re looking for, and all the capabilities and benefits you won’t find from any other custom product packaging company.

Here are the main qualifiers that set Box Genie apart:

  1. Everything runs smoother when it’s done in-house
  2. Lots of experience
  3. Top quality at affordable prices 
  4. Excellent customer service 
  5. Environmental responsibility
  6. Investment in your success

Read on to learn exactly why and how we come through on all these categories to help you create the perfect branded boxes for your products. 

  • Everything runs smoother when it’s done in-house

  • Everything we do at Box Genie happens within our own facilities. Unlike most other e-commerce custom product packaging providers, we oversee 100% of the process. 

    Many custom box packaging companies you’ll find actually work with a manufacturer to fulfill their orders. This slows things down and adds layers of complexity while relying on an outside partner to handle the most critical parts of the creation of custom boxes. 

    From making the raw materials to printing then shipping your order directly to you, we carefully oversee every single step so that our customers can rely on the same stunning quality on every order. 

    Box Genie has the full capabilities, equipment and experience to retain complete control over the entire process. That means we’re not only cutting out the middleman but we’re also able to save on the back and forth and pass those savings on to our customers. And it means that we can confidently oversee every customer’s order, every step of the way. 

    In-house oversight allows us to ensure that your boxes consistently come out their best whether it’s your first order or your fifty-first. 

  • Lots of experience

  • As a division of Vanguard Packaging, Box Genie has lots of experience—more than 45 years, in fact. As a third-generation, family-owned manufacturer of packaging and boxes, Vanguard Packaging is a trusted partner to top global retailers and has worked with thousands of customers across North America. 

    Our solutions have helped some of the world’s biggest retailers sell more and sell better. We’ve built successful working relationships with big names like Walmart, Bose, WD-40, Sargent’s Petcare Products, Canon and many more. Working with companies on large scale wholesale orders, we’ve honed a precision operation that puts us in a perfect position to handle orders of any size or scale. 

    Big retail also translates to big data. That means we have lots of fast-moving insights on what works best in commerce, and we’re happy to pass on that knowledge to all our customers. 

    No matter how much we’ve grown, we never lost the feeling of being a self-made small business. It’s our extraordinary pleasure to use our decades of experience, know-how and top-of-the-line equipment to help other budding businesses find success.  

  • Top quality at affordable prices

  • Quality printing of custom boxes is not too hard to find. There are many companies who can deliver all levels of production for bulk orders at massive scale. The trouble is finding help with smaller runs for a rate that doesn’t break the bank for any business that isn’t doling out corporate cards to hundreds of execs. 

    Part of what keeps our rates lower for runs of as small as 100 units is the fact we do it all in-house, as explained above. We have the equipment we need onsite and know exactly what to do to maximize efficiency, saving time and money for us and our customers alike. 

    With our marketing data from relationships with the world’s largest retailers, we’re building data-driven decision making into our operations. That’s how we can be sure to match top quality results with the most competitive pricing. 

    In terms of quality, we’ve been striving for years to gain our reputation as the best in the business. We’re proud to deliver consistently high quality, precision and speed without compromise. We want to exceed your expectations so that your boxes can exceed your customers’ expectations. 

    We’ve also made it our business to choose the best mix of customizable product packaging solutions to ensure your business has exactly what it wants and needs to deliver the best experience to your customers. 

  • Excellent customer service

  • Helping our customers have the custom packaging tools to build better relationships with their customers is what we’re all about. 

    At Box Genie, we’re driven by our values and dedicated to your business. We believe in relationships over transactions and strive to go above and beyond when supporting our customers. From helping you navigate packaging design tools online to getting your product packaging ready for your customers quickly and efficiently, our team is here for you. 

    We’re a unified team made up of caring people who know how important your order is. Working with the biggest retailers in the world, we’ve honed our operation to ensure that you get the order you expect, right when you expect it, every single time. Our team knows how to talk you through the whole process and how to get you the most precise details to answer your biggest questions. 

    We may be in the manufacturing business, but we like to think of ourselves as relationships people first and foremost, and we see our customers’ successes as our own. Always committed to a best-in-class experience at every step, we hope you’ll get to know us (and love us) for transparent pricing, effortless customization and our really helpful humans.

    Please reach out and we’ll be happy to give you quick answers or offer all the details to help you understand our whole process. No question is too big or too small!

  • Environmental responsibility 

  • Vanguard Packaging, the parent company to Box Genie, has been recognized as the most sustainable packaging company in North America, with a list of awards and acclaimed recognition to prove it. 

    Our high-tech facility in Kansas City, Missouri, has been built around our sustainable practices and positioned 150-feet underground to be geothermal. 

    Looking out for the environment is a big deal to us and we know it’s a big deal for our clients too. That’s why we’ve invested in equipment that makes use of odorless water-based inks, passes food-safety standards with zero UV-reactive chemicals and produces zero hazardous air pollutants. Our facility is home to one of only five of the HP PageWide C500 Press systems in North America and we’re excited to put it to use for our environmentally conscious clients. 

    Have questions about our sustainability or equipment? Just reach out to our team via phone or email, or use our onsite chat feature, and you can request our C500 for any of your product packaging or custom box needs. 

  • Investment in your success

  • At Box Genie, we see your success as our success. And we really mean that. Box Genie was created as a division of Vanguard Packaging so we could work more closely and creatively with smaller businesses. 

    As a self-made family-run company, it’s important to us that we pass on what we’ve learned by growing our own small business into the packaging powerhouse we always dreamed we might become. We want to see your company grow into a powerhouse too. 

    In an industry focused on production, we want to be the one custom packaging vendor that focuses on relationships and helping people build the businesses of their dreams. That’s what really matters to us.

    Our mission for Box Genie is to take all our knowhow from the experiences we’ve had with big corporate client orders through Vanguard and translate that into helping small businesses find great success and recognition through custom boxes. 

    If you’re not satisfied with your current custom boxes printing company, we truly hope you’ll give Box Genie a try. Whatever it is you need, we’ll work with you to find the right solution. Reach out to us and let’s talk about how making the switch to our custom packaging services can save you some time and money while helping your business grow. 

    Please let us know what we can do to bring your product packaging vision to life for your business. Get in touch with us or check out our product packaging design tool and start building your box today. 

    Trusted by top brands worldwide. Dedicated to smaller businesses like yours.

    Over 2,000 brands trust us to help them grow and build successful businesses. Find out how custom packaging can work to help take your brilliant brand to the next level!

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    “They can’t be beat for price, speed, and quality. We trust them with all our packaging needs!”

    Megan D., CEO at SSBD

    “They can’t be beat for price, speed, and quality. We trust them with all our packaging needs!”

    Megan D., CEO at SSBD

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