Promotional gift boxes are a valuable, on-trend marketing tool for your business. These corporate gift boxes generally include fun, branded items from pens to tumblers to apparel. Of course, custom gift boxes or gift baskets can be used by businesses of all sizes. 

From holiday gift sets, with drinkware and other appreciation gifts, to swag boxes with branded business gifts, like desk organizers, power banks and chargers, and business cards, giveaways and promotional items are a great way to generate hype around your brand.

One key element of creating promotional gift boxes is ensuring they are branded from head to toe with branded packaging and merchandise. If you’re looking for a marketing method with diverse uses, promotional gift boxes are a terrific option. 

Read on for reasons to use promotional gift boxes and what to consider during the creation process. 

Four Fantastic Reasons To Utilize Promotional Gift Boxes

1. Attract Prospective Clients

Offering your audience a small sample of your company's work can go a long way. People love when you show them that you care and can present them with something to help them. Curating a promotional gift box just for them might make their day and make them more apt to check out your business. 

2. Create Influencer or Ambassador Gifts

If it seems like influencers always show off free stuff, that’s because they are. Find a few influencers with a following that matches your target audience and values. Send them a small gift. When they show it off on social media, it will drive traffic to your brand’s social media or eCommerce store. Never underestimate the power of an influencer.

3. Show Customer Appreciation

Whether you want to do it at random or want to treat your best customers, show your audience some love by sending a promotional gift box. Items can include some of your best sellers, a new product, or something to show them you care. The more relationships you can nurture with your customers, your brand’s community will be stronger. 

4. Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is often about overall visibility. Promotional products can help with visibility because the more people with branded merchandise, the more people will see it. Word of mouth is still a strong advertising technique. When someone sees your logo or company name on a full-color branded product, like a high-quality t-shirt or tote bag, it might pique their curiosity and earn you another customer. 

11 Things To Think About When Creating Promo Gift Boxes

1. Pack Your Gifts in Custom Branded Packaging

Branded packaging makes a statement. There are many businesses out there, so the more you can stand out from the crowd, the better. Branded packaging lets your recipient know that you put thought into the gift box, and they will always associate that gift with your business. 

2. Set a Reasonable Budget for Your Boxes

Even though utilizing promotional gift boxes is going the extra mile, you don’t want it to send you over the edge. Make sure you create a section for promotional packages in your budget. Do your research and collect data to ensure that your business can afford the venture and that your gesture will create a return on investment. 

While spending a ton on packaging for high-end gifts is easy, going with the right service provider can make a difference. With Box Genie, our custom mailer boxes offer the highest quality for the most reasonable prices. You can import designs and ensure that your packaging is consistent with your brand. If you’re interested, check out the rest of our site to learn more. 

3. Include Taglines, Catchphrases, and Social Hashtags on Each Box

During your design process, keep your customer in mind. Your promotional packaging won’t be of much use if you miss the mark with your target audience.

Including promotional information can:

  • Promote brand recognition
  • Invite audience participation
  • Grow brand personality

The more interactive an unboxing experience can be, the better. Use promotional language to encourage customer interaction.

4. Pack the Box with Branded Swag

When you pack promotional gift boxes with items your recipients will use, you open the opportunity for them to become ambassadors. 

When customers wear or sport branded swag you’ve sent, people might ask what your logo is or where they got that excellent product. Branded swag is a great way to promote brand awareness with your customers and potential customers. 

5. Buy Your Promo Swag in Bulk

Buying in bulk is cheaper per unit. While it will cost you a bit more upfront, it will save you money in the long run. 

If your brand sells stainless steel golf clubs, giving away golf balls with your logo can be significant. However, if you buy each golf ball individually, you’ll quickly burn through your promo budget. If you buy in bulk, though, you’ll be able to run a much more extensive campaign.

Again, make sure that promotional gift boxes are within your budget by factoring in bulk costs.

6. Add a Note in Each Box

Creating relationships is essential. The more you can connect with your customers or potential customers, the more they will likely remain loyal to your company. 

Whether it is a hand-written note or a thank-you note with a custom font that you send with every box, adding a message to each box is another little touch that can make a big difference. 

7. Stay Up to Date With Packaging Trends

Packaging trends grow and evolve like anything else. If it sounds daunting, Box Genie is here for you. Packaging is our specialty, so stay up-to-date with all the packaging trends by signing up for our newsletter

Your customers will love receiving on-trend packages from their favorite company.

8. Choose Branded Gifts That Your Target Audience Will Love

It’s essential to know your audience. They have chosen your business for a reason, so keep up that relationship by choosing branded gifts they will love. You can select products you already offer, something in the same space, or something that relates to your company. 

For example, let’s say you run an eCommerce candle store. Even though your business does not usually sell hand sanitizer, including a branded bottle with the same scent as one of your most popular candles could be a valuable way to show your customers love. 

9. Use Stickers or a Sticker Pack

People love stickers. Branded stickers are versatile because customers use them on their cars, reusable water bottles, and laptops. 

This is a great way to use promotional products because it can increase visibility and give customers a fun way to interact with your brand.

10. Use QR Codes

QR codes are an excellent way to provide an extra surprise in your gift. With QR codes, you can simply alert customers to things they might not experience through the promotional gift box. They are an excellent method for:

  • Promoting products or services 
  • Growing repeat purchases
  • Acquiring new customers

11. Use Promotional Gift Boxes as a Customer Appreciation Strategy

People love gifts. Promotional gift boxes are an incredible way to show your customers you are grateful for them. 

Customers don’t always expect businesses to do things for them, so taking an opportunity to surprise them will promote loyalty and brand awareness. When your customers know you care, they will care about your business. 

Spread the Word About Your Brand With Custom Promo Boxes

Ready to acquire more customers? Think of custom promo boxes as a “launch-type” marketing strategy. Grow an email or physical address list of customers you’d like to reach, and provide your potential customers with samples of products they can enjoy. 

Give them a preview of what it would be like when working with your business. Making a great first impression is step one in a successful relationship with your customers. 

The Takeaway

When promoting your business, gift boxes are an excellent choice. 

Promotional gift boxes can:

  • Attract prospective clients
  • Build awareness for your brand
  • Foster customer relationships

Including relevant and valuable products that your audience will love is vital when creating the contents of your boxes. 

When it comes to custom packaging design and custom box inserts, remember, Box Genie is here to guide you and help you make your vision come to life. 


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Megan D., CEO at SSBD

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