From big corporations to small businesses, it’s the little things that show your employees how much you value their hard work. Show some thoughtful employee appreciation with a holiday gift box for your employees.

How Do You Make Amazing Holiday Gift Boxes?

When it comes to curated gift boxes, think of it like creating a care package for your team. Check out our suggestions below to make your gift sets a wonderful gesture of gratitude that won’t go unnoticed. 

Go Beyond Standard Gifts

Gift-giving is an art. And while it’s awesome that you want to do something special for your employees, giving a standard gift sometimes feels a little cookie cutter. Standard gifts are things like:

  • Candles 
  • Calendars
  • Knick knacks for desks or shelving

Use Custom-Made Boxes

Using custom-made boxes will show your employees how much thought and preparation went into their gifts. It’s also a perfect way to promote company loyalty and culture because when an employee sees their team’s name on something, it can evoke a sense of pride for what they do.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with custom boxes, check out Box Genie’s sample kit which lets you check out all kinds of options. 

Add a Personalized Note to Each Box

Personalization is the ultimate gesture because it shows employees you took the time to consider every single one of them. 

Receiving a gift is always a great feeling, but seeing a note addressed to you shows the intention of the gift. A personalized note will show employees that you were thinking of them, specifically, when you created their gift box.

Your team has worked hard all year, so add that extra little touch that shows you appreciate all they’ve done for your business. 

Personalized gift notes can include sentiments like:

  • Why you appreciate that team member
  • How you’ve seen them grow
  • What attributes they bring to the team
  • Positives values you see in them
  • A fond memory or breakthrough they had on the job

Get Up-to-Date on the Year’s Gift Trends 

It seems like each year brings a new gift trend. And most of the time they are trends for a reason — because they’re fun and relevant to the time. When brainstorming gift ideas for your team, keep an eye out for the best trends of the year. 

Just remember that employees likely have stacks of previous trending items like Bluetooth speakers from prior corporate gift boxes. So get a bit creative when formulating the gift options. 

What Gifts Should You Give Your Employees for the Holidays?

Snacks and Treats

The holidays are a time to spread cheer, and if you have employees who maintain food as one of their love languages, snacks and treats are a great go-to. 

This is where personalization can come in big. If you know what goodies your employees like, show them your appreciation by gifting them their favorite snacks. If you have employees with dogs, throw in some dog treats to show you care. 

Take a look at some popular snack box ideas:

  • Nuts and fruits
  • Flavored popcorn
  • Cookies or s’mores
  • Pickles
  • Coffee and tea
  • Biscotti
  • Sea salt pretzels
  • Nostalgic candy and sweet treats

Useful Everyday Tech Gadgets

There are so many tech gadgets that are useful to have around the house. Enhance the old-school knick knack game this year by gifting useful home tech goods your employees will actually use. 

Check out these 10 tech gadgets under $50:

  1. All-in-one iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPod charger
  2. Streaming devices: Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick
  3. Wireless headphones
  4. Apple Air Tags
  5. AirFly Pro
  6. Echo Dot Smart Speaker
  7. White noise sound machine
  8. Handheld milk frother
  9. Outdoor security camera
  10. Digital photo frame

Branded Drinkware

Drinkware is something you can never have too much of. Spread company cheer by providing your employees with high-quality branded drinkware. Consider options like:

  • Stainless steel tumblers
  • Leakproof thermoses
  • Coffee mugs
  • Teacups
  • Mule mugs
  • Martini glasses
  • Champagne flutes

Self-Care and Wellness Items

As the world learns more about mental health, work-life balance becomes more and more of a priority. Show your team you care about their health and wellness by giving them the gift of self-care. 

Check out these 10 stellar self-care gifts under $50:

  1. Neck, back, or foot massager
  2. Calming bath salts or bath bombs
  3. Body care set with lotion, lip balm, and scrubs
  4. Light therapy lamp
  5. Soothing candles
  6. Eye masks or face masks
  7. Essential oils diffuser
  8. Yoga blocks
  9. Gratitude journal
  10. Cooking or baking tools

Home for the Holidays Giftbox

Instead of having one standard gift for your entire business, give your employees the gift of choice by curating a gift box with options they chose for themselves. Allowing employees to choose from a list of three can help:

  • Reduce waste
  • Create inclusivity
  • Employees feel appreciated and empowered

No matter what you come up with for gift options this year, make sure they are relevant to your employees and your brand. If sustainability plays a large role in your business, make sure all of your gifts are sustainable. If your brand is constantly committed to a social justice cause, reflect that in your gift-giving. 

When creating your employee appreciation gift boxes, keep your company mission in mind. Give a gift that reinstills company values. Whether it's a cause your business supports, a community your company helps, or a story your company tells, incorporate meaning into your gift this year. The holidays are a reflective time, so reminding your team of why they do what they do can be a sentimental gesture for this time of year.

Happy (and Efficient) Gifting

Now that we’ve gone over awesome options to put inside your holiday gift boxes, let’s get into the gift boxes, themselves. 

The Design 

Packaging matters. Unboxing videos have taken over social media and have YouTube views in the millions. These videos show that gift recipients love the unboxing process almost as much as they love the actual gift. Give your team a front-to-end experience that starts with the box design.

How do you know where to start? Allow Box Genie to guide you in five easy steps:

  1. Choose the box. We have four boxes to choose from, including the mailer box, one piece folder box, shipping box, and triangle mailer. You can customize the dimensions for any of these options, so once you know the gift you’d like to give, simply choose the box that fits it best. 
  2. Choose the paper type. The design and aesthetic you want for the outside of your custom gift boxes will determine its paper. You can choose from Kraft, Essential White, or Magic White with High Definition Print. All of these options provide a clean, customizable canvas that your team will love.
  3. Choose the printing side. Your options here are single or double sided print. This is completely up to you, any option you choose is sure to bring out the holiday cheer.
  4. Choose inserts. This step is optional, as you don’t need inserts but they provide a way to keep your holiday gift box nice, safe, and organized. For example, if you’re gifting branded drinkware and worried that it will get jostled around, inserts are just the solution you need, as they provide a custom space to place your items safely.
  5. Design your holiday gift box. This is where creativity comes in. You can add just about any design you want from company logos to colors to photos. 

A Final Note

If you’re ready to give the gift of holiday cheer, start by creating holiday swag boxes as a thank-you gift for your employees. Your team will love that you took the time to curate something great just for them. 

Top off their gift-opening experience this holiday season with custom boxes that make the whole experience merry and bright.


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