What Are Employee Gift Boxes?

An employee gift box is a way of saying thank you to your employees for their hard work. It’s a chance to display your gratitude, show your appreciation, and remind them that they are valued. 

No matter how large or small, an employee gift box is a gesture they won’t forget.

What Should You Put in an Employee Gift Box?

There are many options to consider when it comes to corporate gift boxes. Before you decide what you should include, think about the following:

  • Budget:Show employee appreciation at a reasonable cost for your business
  • Personalization: Find the perfect gift for your team members
  • Occasion: Consider opportunities like holiday gifts, thank-you gifts, self-care gifts, and surprise gifts 

Once you’ve figured out some specifics, it’s time to discuss corporate gift ideas. 

What Goes Inside

When curating an employee appreciation gift box, think of it like a care package. Corporate gifts can include thoughtful and useful items, like: 

  • Stainless steel tumblers
  • Snack boxes
  • Company swag or merch
  • Self-care and wellness items
  • Gift cards

These are relatively small items, but they can boost everyday employee morale in a big way.

What Goes the Extra Mile

Your employees will appreciate your time and effort in creating their gift boxes. But the element that really brings it all together? Personalization.

Put yourself in your employee's shoes. Receiving a gift set is a wonderful feeling. However, receiving a gift set addressed with your name and a personalized message is even more special. 

Personalization indicates that the gift is not just some generic item. A personal touch shows that you are thinking about that individual specifically and want to show your appreciation. In other words, it shows that you are giving with intention.

Go the extra mile for your employees as they did for you, and include that extra touch that lets them know you recognize their unique skill set. 

How Can Employee Gift Boxes Boost Morale?

Show Your Team Members That They Matter

Everybody wants to feel appreciated. It is easy to get lost in the go-go-go cycle of work, so giving your employees a small piece of gratitude can make such a big difference. 

Receiving something positive and unexpected can reset an employee's work cycle, and the excitement of a gift can refresh them moving forward. 

Giving a gift box also gives you a chance to show your employees how you feel, but it also validates that they are contributing, their good performance is not unnoticed, and that they matter to you and the success of your business. 

Create an Incentive for Working Hard

A behavioral theory called the incentive theory of motivation is the idea that incentives and reinforcement drive humans. 

Using gift-giving as a motivational practice can benefit your business and employee morale. Take this knowledge and run with it as you decide on your gift-giving methods. 

Although employees are already earning wages or salaries, the extras can further validate their commitment to your company, fostering pride in their hard work and motivating them to continue improving in their roles. 

Say you implement an employee of the month campaign that includes a different gift basket each month. If employees know those corporate gift baskets have fantastic gift sets, they might be incentivized to work even harder to earn them.

Create a little friendly competition and self-motivation amongst coworkers with employee recognition. You’re likely to see growth in your business, and your employees can see what they’re truly capable of.

Create Company Loyalty With Branded Gifts

All of those gift ideas mentioned before? Those can be branded. Branded gifts are a perfect way to boost loyalty because when employees are given free company swag, they are likely to wear it around. 

By rewarding your team with company merch you’re also investing in the team as ambassadors. Give your employees something to be proud of, like a tumbler with the company logo, a company t-shirt, or another unique gift with company branding. 

Wearing company swag is a great way to build community and loyalty because employees can represent their team in a fun way.

How Do You Make an Employee Gift Box?

Make Custom Boxes With Your Company’s Branding

We offer boxes in all shapes and sizes. For instance, our Custom Mailer Box, great for eCommerce, subscription services, or physical retail, comes with customizable dimensions, dust flaps to protect your product, and endless design options. 

Once you select your dimensions, you can upload your own brand design, ensuring your packaging is true to your brand’s unique style, consistent with your values and brand image, and attractive to your customers and target audience.

Additionally, you can choose the paper type you want. We offer three premium options, including: 

  • Kraft: Natural brown corrugated cardboard has an eco-conscious feel that holds dark colors well and provides a simple and modest aesthetic.
  • Essential White: Whiteboard with a low shine offers a dependable canvas for showcasing any colors, logos, text, or design elements. 
  • Magic White with High Definition Print: Smooth and glossy board for photo-quality prints you never thought possible on cardboard.

Gift-giving is all about the little touches. Creating custom gifts with your company’s branding shows your employees their gifts were made especially for them.

Add a Motivating Message for Your Team

Again, gift-giving is all about the little things – and it’s the little things that add up. Add motivating messages for your team on the packaging with inclusions like:

  • Your core values
  • Relevant mantras
  • Recent achievements or unlocked milestones
  • Greetings relevant to the moment 

Point out the occasion, thank them for something specific, or even put their name on the box to show your appreciation. 

Consider adding a handwritten note to the box. Include a reason or two about why you appreciate them. Sometimes all people want to hear is “thank you,” so taking the time to write it out will highlight how much you care. 

Choose Gifts That Your Employees Will Love

When choosing gifts, always keep your employees front of mind. If you notice that a specific employee drinks coffee, include a mug in their gift box. If you have a team member who likes to read, find some best sellers in their favorite genre. 

Avoid the anxiety at the checkout by putting yourself in their shoes to ensure you pick a gift they will love. 

Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts

Gift-giving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. When you are going through the process of creating curated gift boxes, remember these three things:

  1. Show your employees that they are appreciated
  2. Choose fun but valuable items
  3. Personalization goes a long way

But ultimately, keep looking for ways to show your gratitude.


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