YouTube is filled with a certain kind of content that viewers and ecommerce businesses alike love – unboxing videos. Unboxing videos continue to grow in popularity, which is great news for your business. 

When combined with branded packaging, unboxing videos are a powerful marketing tool to acquire and retain customers. Customers and viewers share in the excitement of unboxing your product, an experience enhanced by custom packaging. 

This tool takes little extra effort on the part of your business. You already have fantastic product and branding materials. Now all you need is to combine the two in branded packaging. The authentic marketing you’ll receive from the unboxing video is a vital part of building trust. 

A simple, user-generated YouTube video may sound insignificant, but it is anything but that. Let Box Genie answer all the questions you may have about unboxing videos and guide you through how your business can jump on the trend

What Are Unboxing Videos? 

Many people may have seen an unboxing video, but the concept may sound confusing for those who haven’t. Do people really just record themselves opening a package? And people take time to watch it? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. 

Unboxing videos are recordings of people removing an item from the package it was sold in and their reactions to it. The video is then uploaded to YouTube for people to view. Most of these videos are user-generated, but brands can also sponsor them. 

Influencers with a large following record many of these videos to share their product recommendations with subscribers. Many have generated a following because of their taste in a certain category, such as lifestyle, fashion, or cooking. Their loyal followers trust their opinions and purchase products that the influencer recommends. 

People film unboxing videos for every product imaginable, from clothes to beauty products to household goods to toys. And people watch them all, too.

These videos can be:

  • Toy-unboxing videos
  • Tech gadgets and electronics
  • Mobile phones

Their Popularity Explained

According to Google Consumer Reviews, one in five consumers has watched an unboxing video, and the number is only going up. People watch these unboxing videos for a number of reasons, such as to learn more about the product before they buy or to share in the excitement of getting something new.

Unboxing videos allow viewers to share the feeling of anticipation of opening up something new. Customers are drawn to the excitement of the experience. They enjoy partaking in the emotional element of opening something new, much like a child on Christmas. 

Another draw of unboxing videos is that the viewer doesn’t have to buy the new product in order to experience it. This avoids the risks of ordering something that they may not like. They get to see someone else try it out first. If the customer recommends it, then the viewer is more likely to purchase it. 

There are several content creators with YouTube channels. Toy unboxers like Ryan from Ryan's World (Ryan ToysReview) is one creator parents may have heard about. But channels exist for almost any product you can think of. Some of these creators post to social media platforms so ensure you're keeping each platform's target audience in mind when customizing your packaging. 

Marketing and the Unboxing Experience 

Let’s look at the role that unboxing plays in marketing your product. There are many potential advantages to your business that come from being featured in an unboxing video.

First, unboxing videos are an outstanding tool for customer acquisition and retention, as they provide authentic marketing for your business. User-generated unboxing videos feature a real customer. They are simple home videos without expensive equipment or editing. Initially, Influencers are unbiased since they want to create a community of people who trust them and keep coming back to their content. 

Unboxing videos provide social proof to potential customers that marketing materials like a website or advertisements can’t provide. The reactions are authentic and show someone’s actual experience with the product. While those marketing materials are important, social proof is convincing and communicates a customer’s experience with the item. 

Additionally, unboxing videos help customers visualize the product they are interested in purchasing. Oftentimes, photos on a website don’t capture the product accurately, and they certainly don’t show any product defects. Unboxing videos show what the product is actually like and how people interact with it – positively or negatively. 

Importance of Branded Packaging 

An important point to note for our interests is that since customers are opening the product for the first time, the packaging is always seen in the video. Therefore, branded packaging is a very powerful tool for marketing through unboxing videos

Using branded packaging allows your company to advertise throughout every step of the unboxing process. Your brand is on display from the outside when you customize the packaging. The packaging is the first thing that customers see and interact with. 

These unboxing videos show the quality of the product, but also of the packaging. The packaging is the first thing seen by the customer and the viewers. Both the actual customer and potential customers get a look at your product and how it is presented. 

While the packaging may be an afterthought to businesses, customers notice details about the look and quality of the packaging. Rather than presenting your items in a plain cardboard box, consider how your business can use this opportunity to increase brand awareness. So consider integrating the branding elements that you already have on hand into your packaging. 

Hopping on the Trend 

Now, let’s look at ways your business can leverage it. No matter what kind of products you sell, unboxing videos can benefit your business. We’ll walk through how to create an unboxing experience for your brand. 

The goal is to create a memorable experience for the customer in the video and those watching it. This brings customers back for more and earns new ones too. The best way to take advantage of this free marketing is by creating branded packaging. Here are some pointers:

Focus On the Details

When a customer finally gets their hands on your product, they’ll notice every little detail and share that information with their viewers. Details catch attention. Every design decision should be intentional, from what’s on the box to what color filler you use. 

Choose packaging materials that communicate your brand elements and values. This can look like a logo and artwork on the box or a personalized message to the customer on the inside. 

Make It Interactive

Including a way for the customer to interact further with your product increases your exposure. Encourage them to post a picture, use a certain hashtag, or scan a QR code to read the story behind the product. 

  • Promote positive unboxing videos – If you come across an unboxing video that reviewed your product positively, share it. Reach out to the creator to ask their permission, and share their experience with your customers. 
  • Use the correct sized box – Something as simple as using the correctly sized box is a great way to compete with larger ecommerce companies that simply toss items into a plain cardboard box. It creates a higher-quality, tailored presentation that customers won’t forget. 
  • Consider eco-friendly options – Eco-friendly options build value. Many consumers are willing to invest in products from companies that make environmentally friendly packaging decisions. Using sustainable packaging materials communicates to potential customers that your business is mindful of their impact. 
  • Include a personalized thank you note – This is a simple yet meaningful way to let your customers know they matter to you. Personalization creates a community of loyal customers, and viewers will want to be part of that.

Your Brand’s Time to Shine

As you’ve read, unboxing videos are a fantastic marketing method for your brand. They create meaningful, authentic marketing for your products and can assure potential customers of a fantastic experience with your products. 

By using branded packaging, your business can take advantage of this marketing and create an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers. 



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