Custom Gift Boxes are a great way of earning loyalty from consumers. Many businesses in different industries do this whenever they want to set themselves apart from the competition.

Additionally, it is not only the thought that counts. Presentation is also an essential factor in custom gift boxes that can make the experience memorable for customers. So adding a personal touch onto the gift boxes, such as the company logo, connects with the person on the receiving end but can also help market the business to others.

Logo Brand Personality

A good logo on a promotional box sets the tone for what people can expect before opening it and how they will ultimately feel about the company. 

Some companies go out of their way to spend millions designing and researching the perfect logo for their brand out of fear that the wrong one will doom their business. states that the shape and design of a logo have a more powerful impact on consumers, beyond aesthetic appeal, than you might typically think. It turns out; people are constantly making subconscious complex decisions about brands based on shapes and colors.

People usually associate circular-shaped logos with softness and caring nature, while angular logos represent a more hardened and durable company. 

Neither of these is necessarily better than the other, but it is essential to keep this in mind when communicating with consumers effectively.

Gift Box Brand Design

72% of consumers admit that a product’s packaging influences their decision to buy while 63% feel that receiving products in cardboard packaging leaves a premium or high-quality impression, according to a study done by the Paper and Packaging Board and IPSOS. 

And while the exterior of the box is essential, it is also crucial that businesses take the same amount of care for the product and space within the gift box. The inside design and packaging detail have a similar effect on consumers. Some things that businesses can include:

  • Include the same exterior logos and fonts on the inside.
  • Utilize all the interior space of the box. Use the interior to capture your client’s attention by creating custom inserts that enhance the impression your gift leaves, brands your gifts, and makes the recipient want to look at your site for more brand or product information.
  • Let the consumer know that the company is just as beautiful on the inside as it is outside.

Standout Logos

While the company logo must convey the proper intent, it is equally important to break through the mold. These days too many industry logos are beginning to mesh with each other that it's hard to differentiate between them, especially with the rise of simplistic designs.

Workspace states that logos that copy other companies tend to have a "diluted effect." Meaning it only reminds consumers of the original company. This could also run the company into problems with possible copyright issues, which will only cause more headaches. 

Taking the time to make an original, memorable logo is key to sticking in consumers' heads for years. The top companies have made minor updates to their logos because they know how deeply ingrained it is to their audience. The perfect logo should have:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: They should be easy to look at and convey a simple message.
  • Accessibility: The perfect logo should not only look great on paper but buildings, cars, and even magazines. It should especially look great on customizable gift boxes ;).
  • Relevance: If the company’s name does not immediately explain the goods or service, perhaps incorporate other industry aspects into the design choice. If the company has something to do with sports, maybe include different equipment.

Gift Box Content

So now that there is a general idea of what the box should look like, it is on to the next important step. What exactly should go inside?

Arguably, the best gift box items are ones that consumers can use over and over again to keep the company in their mind and encourage repeat business. For example, mugs, keychains, or even face masks can go a long way to show consumers how much the company cares.

Another vital factor to remember is what sort of occasion the custom gift box is for. Is it the company's anniversary? Or perhaps something seasonal? Change the product to fit the theme of the event. Such as a custom logo jacket for winter or some custom logo sunglasses for summer. 

Gift Box Arrangement

The way that consumers open the customizable gift box can also play a part in the experience. Arrangement of the items in the box can also be used to convey ideas about the products.

If there are multiple products in the box that require directions on what to do, perhaps incorporate the instructions inside the box. If there is only one item, perhaps emphasize the company's message or include more logos inside.

Custom Gift Box Budget

Some newer businesses, especially smaller ones, might be scared off by the idea of all of this and how much it will cost them. Luckily, it is not as expensive as one might think. On top of that, different options depending on what company's want to go for.

Companies can go for smaller promotional boxes with single items to be more cost-effective. There are even different box material options to choose from that can make a huge price difference. On top of that, there are also volume discounts on the number of packages a business orders, which is another excellent way to reduce costs.

On the other side, for companies that are comfortable shelling out more money, many have found the return to be beneficial. Investing in a more high-quality shipping box gives consumers a preconceived notion that the companies goods or services are also high quality. 

Not only that but packages can be damaged upon delivery with cheaper material, so avoiding any potential instance of this happening is excellent to ease customer's peace of mind.

Better Brand Loyalty Means Better Overall Revenue

All of the money invested into the customizable gift boxes will also return into the business's pockets by the customers themselves. 

Constantly having to find new clients can be costly and time-consuming. But, by increasing the number of customers that come back to business, and the perceived quality of the product by the consumer, the company can improve overall profits. 

And if additional help is required, the company could always consider these costs when figuring out the pricing structure of goods or services.

Personal Notes

And as a bit of a cherry on top, a personal note, whether long or small, can go a long way to show how much the company cares.

And on top of that, adding a more humanistic quality to the company can also reinforce the brand on the consumer. This effect can be done by incorporating the design of the letter with the logo.

Quality Customer Experience

With the internet and technology, word will spread fast if a company provides less than quality experience. Therefore, it is essential to improve every possible aspect of customer satisfaction regarding these types of interactions.

That's why, with a personalized logo and a custom gift box that can wow consumers, businesses can now set themselves apart from the sea of other companies in their industry and remain in the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere.

Remember a cardboard box is no longer just a box. It’s an opportunity to get your branding directly into a consumer’s hands. Use Box Genie to design a custom box and inserts that intrigue your recipient and make them want to know more about you and your products.

For more branding advice or to get started customizing your packaging, visit Box Genie.



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