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At BoxGenie, we are driven by our values and dedication to your business. We believe in relationships over transactions and strive to go above and beyond when supporting our customers. We want you to see us as trusted experts who can help you delight your customers with fantastic unboxing experiences that keep them coming back.

We are proud to deliver consistently proven design, quality, precision, and speed without compromise. We want to exceed your expectations so that your boxes can exceed your customers’ expectations. We have also developed the best mix of customizable box solutions to make sure your business has exactly what it wants and needs to deliver the best customer experience.

Everything we do at BoxGenie happens within our own facilities. Unlike most other e-commerce custom box providers, we oversee 100% of the process. From making the raw materials to printing then shipping your order directly to you, we carefully oversee every single step so that our customers can rely on the same stunning quality on every order. 

Quality Control & Assurance

As part of Vanguard Companies, BoxGenie has an established set of standards to identify and maintain management’s commitment to quality for its customers, interested parties, and employees. These written instructions are used to communicate established methods and procedures for performing and managing work. What does this mean for you? It means you can rest assure that your package is marketplace certified, optimized for shipping, and will arrive in pristine condition to delight, engage, and influence your customers.

Corrugated Box Material

When it comes to materials for corrugated boxes, BoxGenie has three high quality options, all of which can withstand two-sided printing. Your choice of material greatly impacts your color vibrancy and printing precision. For darker colors and simple logos over a natural brown, choose Kraft. To get a full spectrum of colors that pop, choose Essential White. For photo-quality images and the most premium look and feel, Magic White material gives you the HD Print quality you need.



  • Essential White Boxes: Our essential white material is a cost-effective classic for custom branded box creation. This standard white board with a low shine offers a dependable canvas for showcasing any colors, logos, text, or design elements. This packaging has a bright white color that is ideal for printing with a low shine/matte finish. Essential white boxes give off a very clean and sharp appearance, making them ideal for all sorts of different products and industries.
  • Kraft Boxes: This type of corrugated is made out of recycled material and gives off a more natural look that is definitely appealing to those who are environmentally-conscious. The brown tone is what you generally expect when you think of corrugated boxes. Kraft contains the most recycled material out of the three options here, and works well for printing darker colors.
  • Magic White with HD Print Boxes: For a box that is clearly built to impress, select Magic White for your material and let our HD printers do the rest. This premium board feels smooth to the touch, looks lusciously glossy and provides photo-quality prints you never thought possible on cardboard. This smooth, glossy material will allow you to truly customize your boxes. It prints exceptionally well and allows bold, bright designs and colors to shine through. This high quality corrugated paper gives off a great amount of shine and definition to any color on the box.

Different Box Styles

At BoxGenie, we stick to the basics and keep the box styles simple to fit your and your customers’ biggest expectations and requirements. You can choose between these four overall types based on the type of products you are working with, then select sizing and customizations from there. Weight capacity limits could increase with upgraded board.

The quality of each of these box types has been tested and proven by our teams in our facility for decades, and we are proud to show you exactly what we are capable of printing and shipping straight to you.

  • Mailer Boxes: Mailers are meant to give a more personal touch to delivering goods. This type of box is made from a single piece of corrugated cardboard that is then scored and slotted so that you can easily fold it into shape. Mailer boxes are easily shipped and stored since they can remain flat throughout the entire process—they can even be disassembled and re-stored after use. Mailers can comfortably hold 10 pounds of product without tearing.

  • Shipping Boxes: These are, as the name implies, large boxes that are ideal for shipping large items or stock. Four flaps at the top fold in to cover and protect the items inside. Shipping boxes can hold about 30 pounds of product without tearing. Shipping boxes are meant to be a more rugged and structurally sound box for transporting goods from point A to B.

  • One Piece Folder Boxes: This type of box consists of a single piece of corrugated cardboard that is scored and slotted so that it is able to fold around the product being packaged. The bottom piece remains unbroken and offers insulation and coverage for products that may be delicate or fragile. Folder boxes can hold a maximum of 15 pounds with a 200# B flute.

  • Triangle Document Mailer: This type of box is shaped like a triangular prism, and is ideal for mailing important documents, posters, and papers that you do not want to be damaged. With slotted edges similar to the Mailer Boxes, you can ensure that anything that you are shipping will arrive safely.

  • Corrugated Inserts can be special ordered and customized to fit your needs and the box style and size chosen. These inserts will protect your products, while helping to displays them nicely during the unboxing experience.

High Definition Printing

WOW your customers with high-definition designs on your packaging. Simply select Magic White for your material and let our HD printers do the rest.

    • Picture perfect: Take your packaging graphics to the next level with tiny, targeted ink dots designed for crisp imagery and text.
    • Fast and precise colors: It takes just a single pass of the printer to bring any color combinations, gradients, or hues to life with no swapping print plates to slow it all down.
    • Luxe feel with a glossy finish: Our Magic White premium board feels smooth to the touch and provides the perfect canvas for your photo-quality graphics.

    Digital printing will provide offset quality you crave with sharp images, texts and barcodes. The smooth tone transitions and vivid colors are guaranteed to wow your customers.

    We are here to help you discover the power of putting beautifully branded packaging into your customers’ hands! Reach out to us at any time for more information or head over to our site to start designing your custom box now.

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    “They can’t be beat for price, speed, and quality. We trust them with all our packaging needs!”

    Megan D., CEO at SSBD

    “They can’t be beat for price, speed, and quality. We trust them with all our packaging needs!”

    Megan D., CEO at SSBD

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