What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is a type of inbound marketing tactic that entices your audience inward using valuable content. Think of attraction marketing as a magnetic force. A magnet does not explicitly tell something to be pulled towards it, that thing is pulled towards it because of the irresistible force. 

Attraction marketing is the magnet of your small business and its product. It means that you are not telling your consumer to make a purchase. Rather, a consumer is naturally attracted to your offering because of its appearance or the benefit for them.

Everyday examples of attraction marketing include:

  • Editorial content and blog posts
  • Catalogs and gift guides
  • Social media influencers
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Podcasts and videos 
  • Live content and webinars
  • Workshop and pop-up events

What Should Attraction Marketing Accomplish?

Marketing strategies take on many forms from organic media to email marketing to paid placement. Attraction marketing campaigns require minimal investment across numerous channels.

Stories are powerful and lasting, and the best stories do not tell but show. Instead of creating a story around your brand that simply tells customers why they should buy your product, you should create a narrative that shows them. 

This can include focusing on the problems your product can solve or the way your product can improve the way they feel. You don’t want to simply state these things — your marketing is not a research project. Instead, include stories emphasizing how your product has impacted specific customers, meeting their needs and improving their quality of life. 

To begin drafting your messaging framework ask yourself: 

  • What are your goals?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What makes your product or service totally unique?

Flex Your Product Features

You’ll want to understand your customer’s needs and questions before they even think to ask. Flexing your product's features will help point out how much customers truly need these innovations.

Ensure your marketing is high-quality. Great marketing content helps create familiarity between the consumer and the product, generating new leads when you begin marketing new developments, products, or features that meet unrecognized customer needs.

Let’s say your eCommerce business sells picture frames. In order to maintain brand awareness, you post a gorgeous static image to Instagram of your latest frame design. Take engagement a step further with details unique to the offering. 

Provide information in an elevated way like: 

  • Its size: Is it compact in format? Or is it plus?
  • Material sourcing: Why did you select these particular materials? Why is it attractive to the customer?
  • Color swatches: Is this available in set colors? Or can the customer further customize?

Show your customer that you have anticipated their needs by taking the guesswork out of the process. A great way to achieve this is through audience listening.

Read your customer reviews to improve products and eliminate pain points as you update features. This builds brand trust. A second resource to tap into is social media. Parse through comments and captions to gain an understanding of not only how your customer uses your product but how they discuss it with their followers.

Product Positioning

When it comes to the subject matter of your attraction marketing campaign, show your customer why your product is valuable. 

Without explicitly telling your audience, show them:

  • Who the product is intended for
  • What the product does best
  • Why the product is a must-have
  • How they can use it in their life

There are many ways you can show your audience these things, including traditional advertisements on social media, television, or radio, informative blog posts, engaging video content, sponsored social media posts and collaborations with popular influencers, in-person promotional events, engaging webinars, and promotional live streams. 

As always, when you create your campaign, be sure to stay true to your brand.

Attraction Marketing With Your Packaging: How It Works

Use Custom Branded 

Packaging is essential in marketing. In fact, packaging, in and of itself, is a form of marketing. The more you can put your brand and its logo in front of your customer, the better. 

When you have appealing packaging, it makes the product inside more attractive. It creates an experience for your customer. 

Using Influencer Marketing for Unboxing

Unboxing videos are a massively popular form of influencer content and can have a huge impact on your reach. Send a new product to a few influencers who either use your brand or fit your brand’s message. If a consumer sees an influencer who they trust unbox your product and love what’s inside, they will be intrigued, and you will likely attract other potential customers as well. 

You should view your packaging as part of your sales pitch. You can guide customers toward purchasing a product by pairing it with a beautiful packaging design. With unboxing videos, you can leverage the massive reach of popular influencers to get your sales pitch in front of an expanded set of eyes, promoting your product to new demographics.

Packaging that Sets Your Brand Apart

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of brands. You can include slogans, attractive color schemes, and unique package shapes and sizes to set your business apart from the competition with customized branded packaging.

In addition to making your brand stand out, excellent packaging also reassures customers that they’ve made a wise choice in purchasing your product. Including high-quality images, engaging fonts, and personalized inner packaging will create a positive customer experience and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Apply Attracting Marketing to Your Packaging

The packaging you use matters. Our Mailer Boxes, Shipping Boxes, One Piece Folder Boxes, and Triangle Document Box Mailers can help you customize your packaging no matter what products your brand sells. This is a great marketing tactic that can really heighten your product.

With customizable packaging, effective social media advertising, and engaging online content, attraction marketing techniques can help draw customers in and create excitement around your brand. 

Marketing is not all about reaching out to customers. Take charge of your marketing strategy by implementing attraction marketing and letting the customers come to you.


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