What Is Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging can help the environment in addition to your business! Environmentally-conscious consumers will relate to your brand values and purchase from you rather than a less eco-friendly competitor. Furthermore, environmentally friendly packaging can...

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6 Plastic Packaging Alternatives

Environmentally-friendly packaging should be used in the place of single-use plastic that isn’t biodegradable or recyclable in many cases. There are effective and affordable options that range from cardboard to glass to plant-based plastic material...

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What Is eCommerce Ready Packaging

eCommerce ready packaging is used to keep products safe and secure through the packaging and shipping process. eCommerce ready packaging also allows brands to set themselves apart from the competition by using custom, high-quality branded...

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What Is Corrugated Packaging? Pros and Cons

Corrugated packaging is a great packaging option that’s lightweight, durable, and affordable. The many types of corrugated packaging are ideal for shipping in a variety of different environments. Corrugated packages also work for branding purposes...

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The Die Cutting Process in Packaging

Die cutting can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to creating unique packaging for your business. BoxGenie is here to tell you everything that you need to know about the process.

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Ultimate Guide to Product Packaging Design

Product packaging design is about more than just getting your products to your customers in one piece—it’s also about showing off your brand and making a positive impression. BoxGenie offers amazing custom product packaging that...

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