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Triangle Document Mailer

Triangle Document Mailer

This smart take on the old-fashioned mailing tubes lets you send your papers, blueprints, or artwork out with the style and structure they deserve. Heavy-duty triangle cardboard box structure also provides greater stability and protection, and unlike a mailing tube, it will never roll away.

    Starting at $2.89 /Unit $2,890  Total

    You will receive an email instructions for sending in your die-line or having one sent to you if needed.


    This natural brown corrugated cardboard has an eco-conscious feel that holds dark colors well and provides a simple and modest aesthetic. Kraft material also has the highest recycled content of any material making it the most eco-friendly triangle mailing tube.

    Essential White

    Our essential white material is a cost-effective classic. This standard white board with a low shine offers a dependable canvas for showcasing any colors, logos, text or design elements and works very well for triangle mailing tubes.

    Magic White with High Definition Print

    For a one piece folder that’s clearly built to impress, select Magic White for your material and let our HD printers do the rest. This smooth and glossy board provides photo-quality prints you never thought possible on cardboard.

    Box Measurements: All measurements are done from the inside.

    Triangle Document Mailer Material is E flute.

    Printing Options

    Make your box look great from every angle with our two-side printing option. Or you can also keep things simple with one-sided printing.

    If you have your own design files ready to print, just open the design tools to download a die-line template matched to box type and size and upload to begin. BoxGenie will review our order, reach out with any questions, and quickly get your boxes printed.

    And you can always use our online design tools to choose patterns, colors and fonts that work for your brand.

    Please note that your choice of material greatly impacts your color vibrancy and printing precision. For darker colors over a natural brown, choose Kraft. To get a full spectrum of colors that pop, choose Essential White. For photo-quality images and the most premium look and feel, Magic White material gives you the HDPrint quality you need.

    You may cover your box with as many colors or designs as you like, all for the same cost.

    Best Practices & Help

    Here are a few tips from our design and product teams on designing your box:

    • Always convert to CMYK before uploading files as this allows tighter control over your colors and images.
    • All text should be at least 8-point in size and use bold colors made up of no more than one or two inks (C, M, Y or K).
    • Include at least a 0.25-inch bleed when graphics extend past die-line.
    • Lines in a solid or dark color should be no thinner than 1 point.
    • Download our templates here if you prefer to create your own box design from scratch.

    High Quality & Fast Delivery


    Two-Sided Printing

    Printed In-House

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    Deliver the highest quality possible with High Definition Print

    Never before has there been a faster and more cost effective way to get high-definition designs on your packaging. Simply select Magic White for your material and let our HD printers do the rest.

    • Picture perfect: Take your packaging graphics to the next level with tiny targeted ink dots designed for crisp imagery and text
    • Fast and precise colors: It takes just a single pass of the printer to bring any color combinations, gradients or hues to life with no swapping print plates to slow it all down
    • Luxe feel with a glossy finish: Our Magic White premium board feels smooth to the touch and provides the perfect canvas for your photo-quality graphics


    Why do you have a minimum of 100 boxes per order?

    We’ve been in this business for a long time (nearly five decades, in fact). During that time and handling countless orders we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to optimize our operations to make the best use of our time and resources. We’ve also figured out the best tricks for saving our customers money on every order. One of these tricks is finding that perfect number that can keep prices down for you and production optimized for our team.

    We offer up a first-time buyer coupon code that, in most cases, will make the price on your order of 100 boxes on BoxGenie lower than what you would pay when ordering a smaller amount on other sites.

    How long will it take to get my boxes?

    You will receive emails from BoxGenie along the way letting you know when your order has been received and been printed.

    Product Time:

    We aim to review, process and print your oders within 6-10 business days.

    Shipping Times:

    Our estimated shipping times will be based on whatever shipping method you choose when placing your order. Shipment orders timelines are typically estimated in business days. Our production facility is based in Kansas City, MO, so the closer you are to us the shorter the shipping time.

    If you need your order by specific day or business days, we advise that you select a guaranteed delivery option.

    How do I design offline?

    Simply click on the box size you would like to design for and hit the Start to Design tab. That will pull up our 3D designer. On the left-hand side, you can click “more” and download the template.

    Once you have designed your template, just come back, select how many boxes you want to buy abd hit the Start to Design tab.

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