No one can argue against the warm feeling you get when you receive an unexpected gift. That's why many businesses these days are trying to recreate that feeling with their products to win over the hearts of customers.

One of the most important aspects of retaining customer loyalty for the brand is a memorable unboxing experience. Whether that be with the company message or quality content, there are plenty of things companies can do to step their game up. 

Art of Storytelling in Unboxing

The mission statement for your company is crucial since it will be something that customers remember long after they have used the product. This tone for your brand can effectively communicate the quality of the product as well as the quality of the company. Some ideas of possible stories to tell for the mission statement include;

  • Background of the company
  • Future ambitions of the company
  • Ways in which the company stands out.
  • Quality guarantee of service by the company.

Unique Packaging Material

The packaging material inside the box can not only be helpful in making sure products reach consumers safely, but they can also be another way to communicate company values. 

One of the new trends in packaging, minimalist packaging, could be described as "unique, but not wasteful." If companies are viewed as wasteful towards the environment, then their customers might leave the experience with a bad taste in their mouths. Therefore, it is essential to find that fun middle ground of fun material that is made from recycled goods.  

Another way this helps companies out is by cutting shipping costs when cutting down on packaging material. 

Minimalist Packaging Tips

One of the best ways to combat wasteful packaging practices is for businesses to use recycled and reusable material. Minimalist packaging will drastically reduce the amount of waste that will go straight to landfills.

Another way businesses can help the environment, and local businesses are to source packaging materials from sustainable forests and farms. Biodegradable packaging, such as corn-based plastic, can be easily broken down in commercial composting facilities and are better for the environment.

Product Presentation

As the saying goes, many people do, in fact, judge a book by its cover. As stated by Complete Packaging and Fulfilment says that unique or branded packaging makes consumers 50% more likely to recommend the products to friends and 61% more likely to be excited about the product. 

While the outside of the box is important, it is also essential that businesses take the same level of care for the merchandise and space within the gift box. The inside presentation and packaging details share a similar effect on consumers, so some things that businesses can do include to wow their customers include:

  • Putting the same logos and fonts on the inside.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of the interior space of the box. It's crucial not having products shaking around during shipment and potentially breaking. However, it is just as important not to have excess shipping materials in the gift box, making it look like the business doesn't care for the environment.
  • Inform customers that the company is as pleasing on the inside as it is on the outside.
  • When including multiple products, perhaps incorporate the instructions on the inside of the box for how to use each product. If there is only one item, stick with emphasizing the company's message or include more logos.

Customer Loyalty

The constant need to keep searching for new clients can be exhausting and overall expensive in the long run. However, getting the same people to come back to the shop can be less stressful and twice as profitable.

Harvard Business Review stated that a company's most loyal customers are the ones that bring in the most profits. Loyal customers are going to be buying more from the company, more willing to pay premium prices for quality goods, and will bring in new customers through referrals. 

Unboxing Rewards Brings a Positive Experience

People love the warm feeling of getting a good gift. And that warm feeling extends to the person or company responsible for that experience. Some important aspects for companies to keep in mind to heighten the experience even further are:

  • Be creative: think of items that your consumers really want or need. If it's a specific season, shape the gift to be themed around that.
  • Make it entertaining: If the gift is not only fun to open but fun to watch, consumers and their friends will want to relive the experience and become loyal customers.

Reaching Out to Content Creators

It is also essential to put the company's gift box into the hands of the right person. Plenty of content creators, whether YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, would love to get free gifts. And they will equally love sharing your product with all of their loyal followers. 

Old fashioned advertisements are starting to go out of style. Many people try to avoid them as much as possible, and they cannot specifically target the intended specific demographic as effectively anymore. 

Finding the right content creator is key because if a company can win them over, they will be seen as trustworthy and with the people. For added points, if that specific content creator is also influential in the company's industry, then there's a higher chance their fans will become yours. 

Even if the viewers aren't receiving the gift, fans love to live vicariously through their favorite content creator and will do anything to follow in their footsteps and have shared experiences.

Arguably, the best part about all this is that this is also way cheaper than traditional advertising methods.

Viral Aspects of Unboxing Videos

Putting a ton of money towards personalized packages could sound scary to some companies. However, the effort can easily make up for the money spent. If the unboxing box has a strong, entertaining aspect, then one package could easily account for thousands.

Back in 2014, Google did research and found that the growth for unboxing videos was astronomical. That year alone, the total views for unboxing videos went up 57% and has continued growing nonstop. Part of this is due to the fact of the sheer number of videos and all the different types of industries getting in on the action, such as fashion, food, and mobile.

Advertising Aspects of Unboxing Experiences

The increased use of complicated advertisements has made people more appreciative of the times of simpler ads. Designs that are easy on the eyes are becoming preferable to bombastic, colorful arrangements.

Today, companies advertise their products straight into people's faces, which feels like it breaks their personal boundaries. These ads overwhelm potential consumers who want to avoid flashy advertisements altogether. 

Additionally, consumers want more transparency about companies these days. It is effortless for people to spread bad news about businesses with the internet. Therefore, these roundabout ways to make advertisements not feel like advertisements are vital for consumers to decide to purchase your goods or services.

Humanistic touch in Unboxing

Companies will spend millions of dollars researching and perfecting their brand to make sure that it is appropriate for their business. Unfortunately, the wrong tone could be a death sentence for a company.

Adding a more humanistic quality to the company can also reinforce the brand on the consumer. This effect can be done by incorporating the design of the letter with the logo, winning the hearts of content creators, and uniquely presenting the product. There is more to the unboxing experience than one might realize; investing in these methods will only keep proving to be essential as time goes by.

To create an unboxing experience for your customers, visit Box Genie.



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