As important as it is to deliver products safely to consumers, it is equally important that you remain aware of your ecological footprint. 

Luckily, there are new alternatives that companies can use to meet both of these needs. For example, Kraft paper boxes are a new trend of eco-friendly cardboard boxes that quickly grow in popularity.

What Are Kraft Paper Boxes?

Named after the German word for strength, kraft paper boxes are brown-colored material made from a unique process that is more durable than standard cardboard boxes. The boxes are made from an assortment of natural materials such as:

  • Natural wood fibers
  • Recycled Paperboards (solid bleached sulfate.
  • Sulfur 

The percentage of sulfur in the packages is what gives kraft packages their more substantial density. When combined with unbleached kraft paper, it provides another layer of protection while remaining eco-friendly. 

And if companies prefer, there are also options to bleach kraft boxes and change the color to white. However, many people prefer the brown color for its more rustic look.

Different types of Kraft Paper Material

There are currently a few kraft paper bag types dominating the market. All are incredibly useful, and the main difference is the different fibers in the material and the finishes in the production process.

  • Coated Unbleached Kraft Paper: This is the basic form of kraft paper. It's brown and heavily resistant to ripping.
  • Coated Kraft Paper: This is the same standard kraft paper with a white bleach additive. The bleach makes the paper very white, allowing for more creative freedom with design choices.
  • Virgin Kraft Paper: This is made from raw pulp, which is processed natural wood. This is the most potent form of Kraft paper. 
  • Recycled Kraft Paper: This is made from pulp consisting of used cardboard boxes, books, and other materials. It is most commonly used for product boxes, paper bags, and paper cans.
  • Mixed Kraft Paper: This is made up of a mix of virgin and recycled kraft paper material. It is as strong as virgin paper but is more eco-friendly than its predecessor. It's most commonly used for cardboard envelopes and postage boxes. 

Benefits of Kraft Paper Boxes

Other sustainable products can easily accompany Kraft paper packages to have added benefits. For example, PP film, a type of thermoplastic, can be layered on top of the material to make the case waterproof for consumers.

Kraft packages can also be customized to fit a company's needs. Extra layers can be added or taken away, depending on the type of product. Additionally, openings and back covers can also be placed wherever the customer needs it most.

Typically, the industries that can benefit most from this type of material are "end-use industries" such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Foods & Beverages Industry
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care Industry
  • Building and Construction Industry
  • Aerospace Engineering Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electronics Industry

Market value of Kraft Paper Boxes

More industries recognize the worth of kraft paper material and its eco-friendly aspects and have pushed tons of money into furthering its market.

Currently, the market for kraft paper is worth about $17 million as of 2020, increasing yearly at an average rate of 3.5%. This means that by 2028, it is estimated that the kraft paper market will be worth $22.38 Billion. 

Different uses for Kraft paper boxes

Thankfully, the usefulness of kraft paper boxes goes beyond their ecological benefits. Their strong resistance to heat and increased durability make them ideal for transporting delicate goods like glass items and heavy electronic cargo.

Additionally, they also come in a variety of sizes and can be shaped to fit your needs. Such as the option also to have custom inserts made out of the same material that can hold the product in place and prevent it from being damaged.

Not only that, but kraft boxes can mold into tray-shaped or sleeve boxes. These shapes are typically used for lightweight packages and are great for showcasing everything in the box at once.

Design Options for Kraft boxes

For companies worried about printing their logo on the kraft boxes don't need to be worried. The material is easy to print on, and there are options to use soy-based ink to further the eco-friendly benefits. If companies want to take it one step further, there are also options for additional add-on directions, such as embossing.

On top of that, businesses can also cut windows into the box if they want their product to be seen by potential customers. There is the option to put a plastic film over that, so the products do not fall out or get stolen, but most companies still prefer to use as little plastic as possible. 

Kraft Boxes Are Good for the Environment

One of the most significant selling points for kraft boxes is the sustainable nature of their manufacturing process. While the world continues to struggle with waste management, consumers are expecting more from companies to do their part to combat these environmental issues.

Kraft paper packaging has multiple environmental factors that make it more beneficial than typical cardboard boxes. These include:

  • Made purely from compost material.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Odorless.
  • Pollution-free.
  • Low-carbon environmental protection.

National Protection Agency standards approve Kraft paper packages. Kraft paper is also one of the many eco-friendly materials listed on the approved packaging materials list by the FDA for protecting against gamma irradiation exposure.

Plastic Pollution

Kraft paper boxes are essential for fighting against the ongoing problem of plastic pollution. Tons of waste is tossed in the ocean each year to affect marine life or float onto other people's land, which mainly affects marginalized communities. 

A study done by Princeton University stated that the problem of plastic pollution is spreading everywhere across the globe than what society had originally thought. Plastic can spread far into porous material and affect waterways and contaminate groundwater supplies.

All of this is throwing our planet into an extreme state of emergency. By regulating single plastic uses and encouraging more industries to use and invest in kraft paper packages, companies can fight back against pollution and show customers they have a soft spot for the environment.

Kraft Paper Packages Win Over the Hearts of Customers

While kraft packages are relatively new material, plenty of research is still done on their effects on consumers. However, a study conducted by the JAMK University of Applied Sciences has found that kraft paper packages positively impact consumer attitudes. 

When a company uses kraft packages, it is believed that the product is of higher quality and shows that it is willing to act responsibly towards the environment. 

Joys of Eco-Friendly Kraft Materials

While there are many similar materials as kraft paper, few come close to the versatility capabilities. Kraft packages can be virtually shaped to be helpful in any industry while remaining environmentally friendly.  

More consumers are starting to recognize its benefits and actively put their purchasing power towards companies that follow this trend. So it is becoming more vital for businesses of every industry to hop on this trend if they want to remain financially secure and loved by their customers.

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