Etsy is an incredible resource for small businesses with endless opportunities. Whether you’ve already got an Etsy operation or you’re gearing up for a launch, use these packaging tips from the pros to guide you. 

How Can You Build a Brand With Your Etsy Packaging?

When it comes to building your brand, it’s important to have a vision. Strong brands know who they are and embrace it. When building your brand, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What audience do you want to serve?
  • What do you want your aesthetic to be? 
  • How can you remain transparent and consistent with your consumer?
  • What methods will you use to listen to your audience and remain engaged with your community?

Etsy Packaging

When it comes to creating branded packaging, you have many options. 

Box Genie offers diverse choices, including mailer boxes, our most popular box for DTC and eCommerce fulfillment. 

Esty storefronts in a number of industries, from apparel and food to beauty and interior design, can use mailer boxes to ensure excellent packaging and create a great customer experience with your product. 

Mailer boxes are ideal for shipping, with dust flaps ensuring the protection of your products inside. The biggest advantage is that its customizable format also provides you with plenty of flexibility for design. 

Consider design options like adding engaging text, unique imagery, and patterns not only on the front of the box but also on the inside. This tactic is guaranteed to get customers snapping (and posting) a few pics of their unboxing experience.

No matter which option you choose, each can be customized to show off your business logo and slogan. Our in-house experts will guide you through a step-by-step process to create the custom packaging of your dreams. 

Why Packaging Matters

The packaging you send to your customers matters. If you can create an experience for them, they are likely to return to your Etsy storefront. What’s more, they’re more likely to refer friends and family.

It’s important not to ignore the potential of social media sharing. If you send a customer a wonderfully branded package then they are more inclined to record that experience through photos and video. Consider adding your Instagram or TikTok handle and a relevant hashtag onto your packaging. This is a delicate reminder to share, tag, and engage with your brand’s profile. 

Unboxing is incredibly popular on social media. People love to receive packages that are designed with intention. They often show off those packages on social media and to dedicated YouTube followers.

In addition to your box, today’s consumers enjoy little extra touches, like: 

  • Branded stickers
  • Custom box inserts and dividers
  • Business cards
  • Free surprise gifts
  • Exclusive discounts on their next order

Where To Put Your Brand’s Logo

When it comes to logo placement the key is to get in front of your customer in an attactive and noticable manner Be tactical about its placement, so your audience is guaranteed to see it and associate that image with your brand. 

Strategic logo placements include: 

  • Outer product packaging
  • Inner product packaging or inserts 
  • Branded tissue paper and tape
  • Stickers
  • Personal notes

Print a Catchy Slogan on Each Box

So you’ve got yourself a logo. Next step? The slogan. 

Slogans are another method to help build your brand’s identity. Slogans should hint at the product your business makes or the service you provide. 

When adding the slogan to your packaging, you’ll need to decide the best place to put it. Do you want to include it on the outer packaging, on a flap or a false bottom, or place it inside the package? 

Sometimes, it’s best to incorporate more than one of these options. Adding the slogan to the outer packaging can be great for drawing attention to your product within in-store retail environments, where inner packaging creates a more personal feel and generates excitement during unboxing. 

Often, it’s best to incorporate more than one of these options. 

Use a Consistent Color Palette

As we mentioned earlier, color matters in the branding process. The color palette you chose for your logo should be represented wherever your brand is represented. From your social media accounts to your website to your packaging, make sure your colors remain consistent to build the strength of your brand. 

Each box option at Box Genie comes with three different paper types, which allow you to choose how your packaging materials absorb the color. Those choices include: 

  • Kraft: Natural brown corrugated cardboard is eco-conscious. It makes colors appear darker when printed.
  • Essential White: Whiteboard with a low shine which is great for making design elements really stand out. 
  • Magic White with High Definition Print: Smooth and glossy board for photo-quality prints which is great for reflection. 

The right color palette, and material for accentuating it, varies depending on your brand image and the type of products you sell. However, no matter the color palette you choose, ensure it is consistent across your products and packaging. This will help increase brand awareness and enhance your customers’ experience when purchasing, receiving, and unboxing your product.

Tips for Creating Custom Etsy Boxes

When it comes to creating custom Etsy boxes, our team of experts has a few suggestions for you. These options can help you stand out, remain environmentally conscious, and even save money. 

Opt for Sustainable Packaging

As the world evolves, we become more and more conscious about how our everyday habits affect the environment. Customers are more likely to choose businesses that care about their carbon footprint. This means that it's up to you to opt-in on sustainable packaging like kraft boxes. 

Consider the material that goes inside the package. Ask yourself:

  • Is the bubble wrap recyclable? 
  • Is the packing paper made from raw materials or recycled materials? 

Box Genie’s inserts are made from corrugate instead of foam or plastic. This is better for the environment because the inserts are fully recyclable and will be used multiple times throughout the material's lifespan.

Choose Dimensions That Fit Your Products

Have you ever received a package that had a lot of box and very little product? Did it feel wasteful? Well, your customers will feel the same way if they receive a box like that from your Etsy store. 

Choosing the right dimensions for your products plays a huge role in that. You do not have to ship everything from your Etsy store in a standard square package. Keep more than one formaton hand, so you can best fit the product and your customer’s packaging needs. 

Buy Boxes in Bulk

While buying in bulk is an upfront expense, in the long run it saves you on overhead costs. 

Not only is buying in bulk cheaper, but it is also more environmentally friendly. When you place one large order, it will take fewer deliveries and less packaging than placing a series of smaller orders. 

Work With Trusted Packaging Experts

Just like people hire CPAs to do their taxes, you can work with a trusted packaging expert to help you with your process. 

There are many reasons to work with experts. If you’re looking for experts in the packaging world, you’re already in the right place.

At Box Genie, we come from decades of experience. We are eager to earn our customers’ trust, offering great high-quality products at unbeatable value and providing all the support you need.

Additionally, we are dedicated to customer success, offering numerous resources, including:

  • Chat
  • Dedicated reps
  • 100% American-made materials
  • In-house production located in Kansas City, MO 
  • 10-day production fulfillment
  • A variety of shipping options

Whether you're new to the Etsy game or have owned your small business for many years, it’s never a bad time to learn new things. Consider working with a packaging expert like Box Genie, who can support you every step of the way, to enhance your customizable packaging. 

Go for High-Quality Boxes

Quality matters. The level of quality you choose in your boxes will be apparent to your customers. It reflects on your business. You should always aim to shine the best light on your business, and quality is a huge part of that. 

Quality is synonymous with the final print outcome, text clarity, photo realness, the cuts for box assembly, and a uniform appearance across each unit in a single order. With Box Genie, all of our boxes are guaranteed to come with high-quality designs.

Customers get excited about excellent quality in packaging, while poor quality can paint your product and brand in a negative light. 

Begin Your First Round of Etsy Packaging

When it comes to your Etsy business, how you present yourself matters. Of course, your product packaging is an essential part of presenting your brand to customers. 

Your branding should represent the heart of your business, and customizable packaging can help enhance your branding efforts. Using high-quality, sustainable materials with unique designs, color palettes and images, and engaging messages and text fonts can help you create excitement about your brand and enhance your customer’s experience buying, receiving, and unboxing your products.


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“They can’t be beat for price, speed, and quality. We trust them with all our packaging needs!”

Megan D., CEO at SSBD

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